Susan Wood is a caring, dedicated and discerning medium. Susan is a familiar face in many spiritualist churches around the country with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of mediumship.  Susan is the founder of the "Healing & Spiritual Learning Centre".

Susan has something different to add to her events as she specialises in Spiritualism and in being able to connect 'the spirit world to the corporeal world'. Susan  has a way of astoundings audiences with her gift and ability to communicate.  During her demonstrations Susan will always endeavour to bring the two worlds closer together, creating endless possibilities.

Susan doesn’t just give names but the physical descriptions of passed loved ones , their personality traits,  the manner in which they took their transition to the spirit world, their occupation,  their favourite food , or where they worked and  even details such as a specific smell that would definitely identify a loved one.

We invite you to any one of our events.  They are designed to be a relaxing, fun and friendly opportunity. Why not share the experience with family and friends.   

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