A litte bit about me

I am a Mum of 2 beautiful children and a Grandmother of 5 children, all of which are my everything.  I am also a Psychic Medium and my recollection of meeting my first spirit friends was when I was around 4-5 years of age, due to my ailments; I spent many years visiting various hospitals for treatments. My parents and I also travelled around the country visiting various healers many of whom were charlatans, none of which provided the cure my mother was praying for.

When I was a little older my mother explained to me that my unseen friends were in fact in the world of spirit and that I might appear to be different because of this.  I eventually accepted this and my spiritual journey began.

At a very young age, I walked into my first Spiritualist National Union church in Keighley, where my grandmother attended. This felt like I had come home.

Since then I have spent a lifetime working with spirit, in private readings and public demonstrations. Working wthin the Spiritualist Churches and other spiritual centres, as a  participant, working medium, healer, and mentor.

I can truly say that I feel most alive when I am working with spirit. I consider it to be an absolute privilege to work with your spirit loved ones, guides and inspirers. Working together with you to provide accurate evidence proving to you that your loved ones are still with you, caring for you and loving you.

I need to say though that my demonstrations are not to convert anyone either way but to demonstrate that the journey of the soul is a continuous journey and being here is just a small part of that journey, and if I can bring that evidence to you then I have done just what spirit want me to do.