Healing & Spiritual  Learning Centre - Tel: 07487 824 855 for appointments.
A place where like minded people gather.

We are based in Guiseley. by appointment only.
We offer all types of Spiritual Healing Treatments.

We now offer Bio Resonance Analysis  (This is carried out through an initial consultation and hair sample).

Reiki Heaking
Colour Reiki for Children
Reiki for pregnant mums and Babies
Reiki for expectant fathers
Reiki DNA Repair
Crystal Healing,  Chakra Healing

Energy Healing,  Bio Energy Healing:
With Energy Healing treatments,  my clients often say they feel deeply relaxed and renewed after each session.   I love that in just a few treatments it can make a huge difference to your health and welllbeing.

Private Readings,

Group Party Readings/Events, Hen Parties, Charity Events, Spiritualist Church Services.

Meditation Group (please contact us if you wish to  join any of our groups on 07487 824 855)
.Meditation Group                      
Absent Healing Group                 

Please contact us to discuss your interests or healing requirements
Try our beginner’s meditation group and over time you will realise that meditation can profoundly alter the way we understand our own minds, how we connect to those around us and how we see ourselves.

We look forward to meeting you.