Here are recent comments from some of our lovely visitors

"I have been to see Susan do readings for over a year now and I will continue to do so.  She is a rare breed of medium and very loyal to her roots.  I've seen people's faces change when they realise she is communicating with their loved ones.  There is laughter and sometimes tears in their eyes as Susan tells them evidence of past events.  She truly needs to be seen to be believed.
Thank you Susan for being you".
Diane Walker

"We always receive a warm welcome within Susan's groups.  My mother and I have been attending over many years and have both experienced absolute proof of her ability to communicate with spirit.  Messages are always delivered clearly, with care and professionalism.  Our loved ones have sent us messages through Susan on many occasions and we are always astounded by the accuracy and clarity of meaning".
Love and Light
Niki & Nancy Mitchell.

Many thanks to Susan & Adrian for an emotional and special evening.  Will certanly be attending another demontrationBill Illingworth

"Susan runs an excellent series of sessions including Orb Nights, Psychometry, Sand Readings, Importance of Chakras, Healing and also has a healing book.  A few months ago my mother passed away, I received a detailed message from her through Susan, who told me things she couldn't have otherwise known, this gave me great comfort at that difficult time.

All the sessions are extremely relaxed and fun, I have met many new friends and enjoy my time there immensely.  She also has visiting mediums, christmas parties, halloween nights and is always fun to meet.  I can thoroughy recommend her to anyone who is interested, she is an excellent source of information, comfort and well being and I would be lost without her."
Rose Hird

I've had the pleasure of having a private reading with Sue Wood.  She's a very professional medium and communicated with people from my family.  She also picked up on current events which were going on in my life.  I've also seen Sue do live demonstrations and can honestly say that she's one of the best mediums i've seen.
Adrian Clark

Very interesting and enjoyable everything that she said was spot on.
Dot & Adelle - Grosvenor Casino

Some very personal and deep readings, Susan is very energetic and polite in the things that come through
Carol - Grosvenor Casino

I was sceptical until I got a direct message. Great demonstration worth the money can't wait for next time.
A must see.
P Collins - Grosvenor Casino

I have known Susan for over 30 years and seen her do demonstrations all over Yorkshire. Susan is one of those rare mediums who can explain the naturalness of spiritualism to the likes of me. She is wholly spiritual in that she sees, hears and feels spirit as a part of her as she is a part of them. She evidenced to me their existence when she spoke to spirit at the same time as my partner had a very uplifting experience 30 miles away unknown to each other at the time. When she has given me healing I saw colours - a very moving and beautiful experience. Thank you
Sally Kilbride


Chrissie Wunna

Now, this event wasn’t any kind of crap, it was AMAZING. Firmonnell and I are open minded girls, YET we can weigh up what we think is ‘rubbish…right…or ridiculously insane’ and this was INSANE in THE MOST AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVABLE WAY. And I loved that everything  was spoken about openly. It was all deeply personal, raw and real. The crowd was so intimate, that EVERYONE ended up getting a message and as I watched each person’s life unfold right infront of me…even my own….I saw smiles of delight, tears of joy, absolute shock, sceptics be won over and a comfort that filled the room. It all felt so positive. There was an energy in the room. A magic......

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Thursday night was the most amazing night ever. It was astonishing. One of my BEST chick friends and I ‘Firmonnell’ made a trip to go see Susan Wood.
Thank you Susan.  I really enjoyed this evening.  Your energies and evidence were amazing,  I look forwad to seeing you demonstrate again in the future,
Melissa Bayley
Susan was invited to appear at the famous "Batley Variety Club" with five other excellent mediums. With a sell-out show, Susan helped raise over £4,000 for Dewsbury District Hospital.  This was quite a few years ago but it was still a large amount of money raised to be proud of!